Welcome to the DMT Training, LLC. website. We at DMT Training, LLC. are committed to help attorney's aggressively defend DUI cases involving the DataMaster DMT, Intox DMT breath testing instruments. DMT Training, LLC. is presently the only place attorneys and their support staff can receive hands-on training on the DMT.

Many times the only significant evidence against a person in a DUI case is the alleged number that was printed on the breath evidence ticket. It is crucial for defense attorneys to understand how that number was generated. DMT Training, LLC. offers several different types of training. We offer a one-day basic overview class, a multi-day operator's training class and individual training classes. We also provide consulting and expert testimony in DUI breath test cases.

The DMT is presently used in 11 states, Alaska, California (only in Los Angeles County), Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Vermont. It will soon be implemented in the State of Alabama as well. DMT Training, LLC. is scheduling classes in each of these states for the convenience of attorneys practicing there.

Any attorney practicing in the area DUI defense is not properly representing their clients if the attorney does not have training on the breath testing device used by the government in their jurisdiction. DMT Training, LLC. recognizes that support staff are critical aids to their attorneys and therefore makes this training available to both attorneys and their support staff. The training will enable each of them to look at a breath evidence ticket result in a way they never had before. The training allows the attendee to look behind the number generated by the DMT and understand how the device made the calculation that produced the number.

After completing this training, the attendee will understand how the DMT accepts the sample, analyzes the sample and produces a breath evidence ticket that either produces a numeric value or a non-numeric result. Each result produced is distinct. The training from DMT Training, LLC. will allow the attendee to understand and explain what happened when the subject introduced a breath sample and the DMT produced any type of result, to the prosecutor, judge, or jury.

The basic overview class instructs attorneys and their support staff of the basic fundamentals of breath testing, the components of the DMT and how the DMT operates to produce a result. Attendees will have hands-on access to a DMT to perform tests.

The multi-day operators training course is based upon the training program conducted by the manufacturer and designer of the DMT. This training is more extensive than the training police officers receive to become certified to administer chemical breath tests in their states. In addition to the operator's training, attendees will receive instruction about performing calibration checks and simple diagnostics giving the attendee insight when cross examining the state's technicians and experts.

DMT Training, LLC., also provides individual training at your firm's office. This training will be tailored to answer your specific questions about breath testing and the DMT.

Please review our training session page for upcoming training near you.

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